Wednesday, May 23, 2018

REVIEW: Shopkins Shoppies Li'l Secrets

All right, it's the 23rd, so let's get this review on the road. I was up late writing, so probably a zillion of these have already been showed, but they're all on Youtube and Instagram, so at least I'm still old school. Ha.

I already shared the box photos in the preview, so I'm jumping right into the toy review. I received the Donutina set. I like that they're not blind. The character is right on the front of the lock and her art on the box, so when I want more, I can aim right for the ones I like best.

 Here's the back of the box, showing all six sets that are currently available.

As you can see, the lock itself and a foil packet are included in the package.

These are basically the Shopkins version of Polly Pockets. You open up the playset and there's a little location inside with a couple moving parts that you can move the doll and tiny Shopkin through.


A closer look at the others available.

Back row: Lolita Pops with a candy shop, Donutina, and Bell with something pet-related.

Front row: Daisy Petals' garden, Lippy Lulu's makeup shop, and Jessicake's bakery.

As you can see, the Shopkins come in different finishes, so there's a tiny bit of the blind aspect to these after all.

The gold foil packet contains a checklist and a secret map.

Let's have a quick look at the checklist.

The So Sweet Candy playset comes with Lolita Pops and Butterscotch Bridget. The possible special finish for Bridget is glitter.

Then there's my Donutina set, the Donut Stop. Her secret finish is also glitter, but you also have the blind aspect of not knowing which Shopkin you'll get. She has Li'l Donut Hole or Sarah Cereal Donut.

Bell, who was Isabell at Toy Fair, comes with the Pretty Paws set. Her Shopkin is Buddy Bone and the special finish is fluffy (flocked).

And then Daisy Petals has the Pretty Petals set and either Sunny Sunflower (ah, Rose Petal Place flashback) or Hannah Hibiscus. Their special finish is glitter. I honestly am a little miffed about some of these having 2 Shopkins, because I really like both of Daisy's, but I'm not buying a bunch of $10 sets trying to get them both.

And here's the back of the list.

Jessicake comes with Great Bakes Cupcakes. Her Clover Cupcake Shopkin's secret finish is metallic.

The Make Up Salon comes with Lippy Lulu and Fluffy Brushy, also possibly in metallic.

Then we've got three that aren't out yet: Pineapple Lilly, Peppa Mint and Pirouetta. Again, Pineapple Lilly has two great Shopkins. Argh.

Okay, let's look at the toy itself, then we'll go back to the secret map.

One thing though, the secret map tells you to scratch off three drawings to find the code that will unlock your lock. You DO NOT have to ruin your map. The code is both printed on the lock itself and on the bottom of the map. Don't scratch off the cute art!

Here are the lock and the foil packet.

Pretty self-explanatory.

Here's Jascenta with the lock so you can get an idea of scale.

And the back of the lock.

See, the code is right there on it.

So you turn the three little dials on the front to each of the code symbols on the back and the lock pops open.

Ta da, there's the Donut Stop.

Donutina and her Shopkin were in a little plastic bag.

I did not get the special finish. And I got Sarah Cereal Donut. I wanted the other one! She's still cute though.

The top part of the lock has the checkout counter.

There's a little spot for Donutina to stand. Her base slides right into it, so she's even stable. The Shopkin can sit a few different places.

The counter opens up and there's another little door inside, so there's space to hide more Shopkins.

The bottom has two spaces for Donutina to stand on the stairs and two spaces with pegs to help the Shopkin sit in place. (It has a hole in the bottom.)

If you turn the display in the front right corner, the little booth spins around.

It's a pretty simple little playset, but that's what I expected.

And just to emphasize how small these are, here's Jascenta holding Donutina!

I was a little disappointed I got Donutina. I really wanted Bell, Daisy, Lolita or Lulu. But she's actually quite cute and I like her hair color and style.

Now let's look at the secret map. This is one side.

And the other side!

It was so long, it didn't fit on my scanner, so this is the left side.

And that's the right.

I love this thing, because there's a lot to look at and the art is really cute.

If you came for the toy review, you might want to head out now, because for the rest of this review, I'm just going to share cropped images of the characters in this map, so we can see and squeal over which ones are coming.

There are a lot of characters on here other than the ones with the lock playsets. This Li'l Secrets line is also getting blind box sets with smaller lockets that have a doll inside. So I believe all, or at least a lot of, the other characters on the secret map are from that assortment.

So who are we getting?

I have these in alphabetical order, so let's just stick with that. I'm showing everyone, including the lock girls.

Here's Bell from the lock sets. She's so cute.

It didn't dawn on me that this was Coralee right away, because she's not tan enough. Hopefully the toy is tan like her other two toys.

Love the art though. Super cute!


This is the one I'm most excited for that I didn't already know about. Fria Froyo! I initially wasn't a huge fan of Fria's Happy Places design, but it's grown on me a lot lately and I really want this little toy of her.


Pineapple Lily

Lolita Pops. She has the cutest art. I love it.

Lippy Lulu

Daisy Petals and Melodine. Melodine was one of the ones shown at Toy Fair for two seconds, so she is confirmed for the mini blind-packed locks.

Bella Bow and Mia Milk. Mia was also confirmed at Toy Fair for the mini locks. I might have seen Bella, but I don't remember. The coverage of the mini locks was not the best.

Peppa Mint

And Pirouetta, both from upcoming bigger locks.

Spaghetti Sue! I love Sue. She was one of my early favorites. I saw her in the Toy Fair coverage, so she is definitely a mini lock.

Naturally, they took the one I'm most excited for and buried her art under the white spot with the stupid scratch off thing. I love Summer Peaches, but why is she the only one so hidden behind other things? Summer was shown with the mini locks at Toy Fair. I need her.

Tiara Sparkles

And Valentina, who looks really cute.

So the ones likely in the first range of mini lockets are: Coralee, Fria Froyo, Melodine, Bella Bow, Mia Milk, Spaghetti Sue, Summer Peaches, Tiara Sparkles and Valentina. That's only nine, so maybe there will be some more? Actually, wait, Valentina has the special doll that comes with a locket, so perhaps the blind box girls are only the other eight. But Marsha Mello's not on this map and she's also part of that doll with locket line, so who knows? We shall see over the next few months!

I hope you guys enjoyed all of this. I'd like to thank Moose Toys for sending me one of the early release Li'l Secrets. It was fun to see something new, especially something based on a product with such nostalgia attached to it for some. I honestly was not into Polly Pocket, but I know a lot of people who were.

I would recommend these for anyone who likes Polly Pocket and I think older kids will have fun with them. I wouldn't give these to a younger child though, because the pieces are unbelievably tiny and pretty soon, they're going to have just a bunch of playsets and no dolls or Shopkins, because these are going to be super easy to lose unless they're careful. If your kid collects LOL Surprise and can actually keep all the shoes on their dolls, they could handle one of these!


Thursday, May 17, 2018

PREVIEW: Shopkins Shoppies Lil Secrets!

What was in here?!!

I was one of 1,000 lucky fans to be sent a Shopkins Li'l Secrets toy.

It arrived today, but I can't show you guys anything except the box...

And this card until the 23rd!

Check back on Wednesday for the full review, but for now, here are some cute close-ups of the adorable box art.

This art might be even cuter than their regular stuff.

Might be.

Donutina, Peppa Mint, new character Lolita Lops, and Pineapple Lily.

Daisy Petals, Lippy Lulu, Jessicake, Pirouetta and new character Bell.

A better shot of Bell. She's my favorite of these nine.

All will be revealed on Wednesday!


Monday, May 14, 2018

REVIEW: Barbie Fashionistas #90

I saw this girl on Amazon a few days ago and snatched one up. She's one of the very few of the upcoming lineup that I like. Very few. As in there's really only one other one I like.

She was $9.99 and she seems to be popping in and out of stock. It was really luck that I stumbled on her. Based on the review dates, she's been in stock on and off since early April.

The rainbow dress is cute, though predictably, it's only a front print. On the plus side, I do like the color of the back.

I didn't even bother taking a full shot of her, because they made two dumb decisions: 1) flat feet and 2) flat feet in ugly plain white sneakers.

How do you not do rainbow heels? COME ON.

Not a huge fan of the earrings though. They're fragile and are already getting caught in her hair. As a kid, I would have broken them in less than a week and not by being rough, just by doing something simple like brushing her hair.

I love super dark-skinned dolls like this one. Loved Felicia from Bratz, loved Chandra from So in Style. I think this girl's darker than Chandra. Maybe even Felicia.

She's really stunning.

She's got nice blue eyeshadow, too.

Here's the rest of the lineup from the back of the box.

#87 is the one I really want!

And there's the rest. Not nearly as good as the last batch, in my opinion.


Saturday, May 12, 2018

REVIEW: Disney Store DuckTales plush

Not a typical review from me, since I don't usually do plush, but I saw these guys on the Disney Store website and that reminded me to check out the show.


So of course, I had to order all four plush.

They're 10" tall and $14.95 each.

Huey wears his red polo shirt and trademark red baseball cap.

The hat is particularly well-detailed. It's even got a little fabric button on the top.

Dewey wears a blue t-shirt over a long-sleeved lighter blue shirt.

Not that they're separate shirts, of course.

Louie's rocking his green hoodie. His is the best made shirt of the three, but a hoodie requires a bit more detail than a polo or layered tees, so it makes sense.

The most detailed though is Webby, because she's got a full outfit on.

I love her "hair" and its pink bow.

If you're a DuckTales fan, you NEED these plushies. They're just fabulous. I'm looking forward to more toys from this show.


Friday, May 11, 2018


Unlike bear-heavy March, things were more balanced out in April.

Although my first picture is still a bear.

Brady is from the 2018 Charlie Bears collection. I hadn't planned on getting him, because he's bigger and I'm really trying to keep to the smaller (17" and under) ones. But I fell in love with one from my stockist and then he was the first one chosen by someone else, so I found this adorable one from another stockist. I think he looks very close to the one I missed out on.

I actually got to do some reviews this month, which was nice. I'm not going to repost pics you've already seen though.

The first two were DC Superhero Girls signature dolls: Hawkgirl and Cheetah. One sorta disappointing, one even better than expected. Other reviews were Incredibles 2 Violet and two of the gorgeous new Season 10 Shoppies.

I bought Amuse's Bull Bull Boo with the intention of picking up at least 2 of the remaining 3 and I still haven't. He's a great little plush though. So cute!

Then came my highlight of the month. One of my highlights of the year really.

CRYPTKINS. I'm a huge monster/cryptozoology fan, so I've been excited about this guys since we first saw the designs months ago.

From left to right: Bigfoot, Chupacabra, Cthulhu, Jersey Devil, Mothman, Twilight Mothman, Nessie, Nightcrawler and Yeti.

And Thunderbird. I had to buy him separately. The others all came from one auction.

I would someday love to own the Ogopogo (purple variant of Nessie) and Phoenix rares.

My faves are Jersey Devil and Nightcrawler.

I love expressive bears and Tango is the most full of disdain bear you will ever meet. He judges me every day.

An unplanned purchase, but he was my most wanted from my stockist's older stock and she put him on sale and I had to have him.

I got amazing deals on two boxed G3 ponies.

I've wanted Marshmello Coco (misspelling all Hasbro's) back in my herd for quite awhile. I love brown-eyed ponies!

And Sno-Glo was a nice bonus. I love the pale peach color of her brush. I like really, really light pastels sometimes.

I bought the little manticore years ago from Whimsy Works and I follow them on Facebook to see what else they've got coming out.

Well, I joined in a contest they did and was one of the winners! I got this lovely Fireball Owlbear as my prize. He's fab. And orange. I love orange.

And to close out the month, here's little Zuri from Ty Beanie Boos.

Yeah, the month looks like a lot of plushies, but there were 5 dolls in there that got reviewed, so yay for that.

I mean, honestly, there just isn't a lot for dolls out right now. I do have one of the new Fashionistas on the way. I'll give her a review early next week. And I'll have another exciting review later in the month that I don't want to jinx by speaking about too much!